Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses
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Bandido Safety Clear Glasses

An economical model for authentic protection. Made entirely of highlyresistant, polycarbonate, Bandido eye shields have inbuilt side protection and allow an excelent panoramic view


Cobra Clear Lenses

UV protection, protection against solid particles, anti-scratch, anti-fog, protection against liquid splashes, side shield, additional elastic strap, foam kit,supplied with microfiber bag


Cobra Clear Lenses


Combat Platinum Tactical Kit

The Bolle Combat protective glasses/sunglasses with Platinum coating provide unique adaptability thanks to their easy-to-change mono-lens in clear, smoke and CSP versions, and their dual temple/strap system (with or without foam). These are the newest generation of hybrid ballistic glasses/sunglasses.


Combat Tectical Rimless Tan

anti-scratch/anti-fog, with CSP PC PLATINUM and Smoke PC PLATINUM
anti-scratch/anti-fog spare lenses, strap, with microfiber pouch
and stan molle case


Hustler Smoke Lenses


Komet Smoke Lenses

Bolle Komet has been specifically designed for an outdoor use. Its black wraparound frame provides a close fit to the face while its lens - available in CSP Smoke, Fire Flash Polarized - guarantees the optimal protection against glares and UV rays. Because sustainability is at the core of our engineering process, Komet is using the most environmentally friendly molding technology, hence reducing energy and raw material consumption.


Pilot Clear Lenses

The Bolle Pilot Clear Safety Goggles PILOPSI are an ultra-flexible and fully adjustable solution to your eye protection. Featuring a panoramic view and the anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings, these goggles can be used in a variety of professional settings and they can even be worn over prescription glasses.


Prism Clear Lenses


Prism Smoke Lenses

With a smoke lens and a durable polycarbonate frame, the BollePrism Smoke Lens Safety Glasses PRIPSF are suited to providing eye protection in a wide range of industries, with particular benefit during tasks where risks caused by exposure to sunglare are present. The glasses are scratch resistant and feature an anti-fog coating, providing reliable protection and improved eye safety while working.


Rush Smoke Lens

The all-round vision, lightweight RUSH model offers perfect optical quality, maximum comfort and a modern design.


Sentinel Platinum Smoke Lens

Designed for maximum protection, the French company Bolle Tactical sunglasses with a ballistic visor Curve 8 with a thickness of 2.2mm and ballistic resistance in accordance to the standard STANAG 2920.